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MINFOF Delegate, Conservator Cry Fowl over Wildlife Exploitation at Cameroon-Nigeria Border

The problem of illegal wildlife trafficking along the Cameroon-Nigeria border ranging from Akwaya and  Gayama in the extreme west of the Kimbi-Fungom National Park through Furu Awa right down to the Dumbu Ranch, seems perennial. Forestry and wildlife officials in … Continue reading

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Discover Julien Mbelley’s Vision for Biodiversity Conservation in Northwest Region

Jullien Mbelley has been the Regional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife for Northwest since 2016. Less than a year into office, the 49 years Forestry and Wildlife Engineer, who came in with over 22 years of professional experience in environment … Continue reading

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Uncovering Touristic Sites in Kimbi-Fungom National Park, Periphery

Besides the over 81 wildlife species distributed across its over 95,380 hectares, the Kimbi-Fungom National Park and its peripheries are obsessed with touristic sites unique in location, form and structure. There is the python cave in Gayama. Can you belief … Continue reading

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Kimbi Fungom National Park, Prospective Category 1 Protected Area

After evolving from Fungom Native Authority Forest Reserve in 1932 and Kimbi River Game Reserve in 1964, this biodiversity hotspot, which was last February 2015 christened the Kimbi-Fungom National Park is en route to becoming a Category 1 protected area. … Continue reading

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We Native Seems To Be Begging Land from Graziers-Fonfuka Mayor.

“If you want to compare the amount of land that the graziers occupy with that of the natives, you will see that we are instead begging land from the graziers” the Mayor of Fonfuka, Mr. Philip Gwe disclosed in an … Continue reading

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Uncovering the ‘Maggots’ In Cameroon’s Tourism Sector

In Africa, Cameroon is described as ‘Africa in miniature’ as it encompasses a bit of everything within the African continent, from landscape and culture, to climate and religion. Besides its over 275 ethnic groups with about 160 African languages, Christianity, … Continue reading

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